Matt DiBiase

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Review Matt's signature mallet build and hear it on marimba and vibraphone. You can click on the gears to adjust and make your own.

Head Shape Wheel
Head Weight Standard
Head Hardness Medium Hard
Articulation Clear
Handle Material E-Rattan 10mm
Handle Length 37cm
Yarn Wrap Hemp / Avocado

BlueHaus is the most innovative and versatile mallet company on the market today, period. Not only are their products custom made to suite your exact sonic preferences, their reception to feedback and commitment to growing your artistry alongside their business makes them one of a kind.

Plexus (n.) – a complexly interconnected arrangement of parts; a network

PlexusPlay is first and foremost a multimedia artist network initiated by vibraphonist, composer, and producer Matt DiBiase. It serves to create an interdisciplinary community of musicians, dancers, and visual artists from countries around the world. Currently it has members participating from the USA, France, Denmark, and the Bahamas. These artists perform original compositions and also improvise new material together live on stage.

Matt released the first 8 track album audio with many of PlexusPlay’s collaborative pieces in Summer 2017. Currently, he enjoys performing these melodic, groovy and intricate arrangements as a solo electronic dance act.

The Future of PlexusPlay will develop and implement sensory technologies and machine learning to integrate live-sourced data and metadata from its audience members. The project will integrate decisions made by the audience with the vision and improvisation of artists on stage to create a single interactive performance system.

8 Tracks
Run Time 47:54

Digital Download



The Thunderstorm Suites

The Scientific Method

Enter the Time Machine

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