Rosie Cerquone

Signature MalletArtist

Review Rosie's signature mallet build. Sold in Pairs - Shown as '2' in the Cart.

Core Shape Wheel
Core Weight Lighter
Core Hardness Medium
Tone Full
Handle Material E-Rattan 10mm
Handle Length 38cm
Yarn Wrap Medium Fine Yarn / Forest

BlueHaus not only cares about creating great sounding mallets, but creating them for every player's unique needs and desires. Producing my own authentic sound is deeply important to me, and BlueHaus makes that a priority with their ability to endlessly customize mallets to fit anyone's musical voice. Brad and the team at BlueHaus are always working to innovate and help artists expand their sonic possibilities, which I greatly admire. I am excited to continue crafting my evolving musical sound with the help of BlueHaus.

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