Sasha Berliner

Signature MalletArtist

Review Sasha's signature mallet build and hear it on marimba and vibraphone. You can click on the gears to adjust and make your own.

Head Shape Mushroom
Head Weight Heavier
Head Hardness Medium Hard
Articulation Clear
Handle Material Natural Rattan 10mm
Handle Length 38cm
Yarn Wrap Hemp / Raspberry

I love Blue Haus because it focuses so much on a personal relationship with the clients without any corporate affiliations or interests, simply to further the artistic success and voice of the artist. They test the products again and again to ensure that you get the ideal mallet you've always wanted, and no other company works with percussionists who aren't already endorsed like that. It's a privilege and an honor because the quality of the mallets is a reflection of the service you receive - beautiful.

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