BlueHaus at PASIC 202.0

Yamaha, Remo, Zildjian, Vic Virth, Marimba One, Pearl, Adams…BlueHaus?

My plan to attend the PASIC 2019 went sideways and I was determined to make 2020 happen, no matter what. And then ‘no matter what’ happened.

When PAS announced plans to take PASIC virtual, I didn’t hesitate a moment. I believe in the organization and I know the challenges are enormous. Not attending, even in a virtual setting, was never an option. If you know anything about BlueHaus, you know that we are steadfast in our fundamental guiding philosophy of bringing true innovation to the percussion universe. And what is a virtual expo if not innovation in the face of adversity.

I hope to connect and share with as many musicians as possible during the event and look forward to the opportunity to share what BlueHaus is all about.

As always, kindest regards.


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