The mallet wrapping community asked for replacement bands and BlueHaus is delivering! The Big Bag of Bands contains a range of common band sizes and dimensions for your mallet making needs. Dimensions are listed in the order of height, width, wall thickness, and hardness. Here’s what’s in the Bag:

16 – 30mm x 28mm x 1.5mm 70A
16 – 22mm x 28mm x 1.5mm 70A
16 – 30mm x 25mm x 1.8mm 40A
16 – 22mm x 25mm x 1.8mm 40A
16 – 25mm x 16mm x 1.2mm 40A
16 – 25mm x 22mm x 3.0mm 35A (Silicone)
16 – 25mm x 16mm x 2.0mm 35A (Silicone)

Looking for different or specific band dimensions? Contact to substitute contents of the Big Bag.

The educational opportunities abound as students learn how to affect the sound of their mallets, adding valuable knowledge and skill to their repertoire.

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