Chase Jackson

Signature MalletArtist

Review Chase's signature mallet build. Sold in Pairs - Shown as '2' in the Cart.

Core Shape Mushroom
Core Weight Heavier
Core Hardness Hard
Tone Full
Handle Material E-Rattan 10mm
Handle Length 40cm
Yarn Wrap Fine Yarn / Burgundy

I love playing BlueHaus mallets because of their innovative technology, design, durability, and sound. Every pair consistently makes my instrument sound good and I feel comfortable with them in any musical situation. I've spent years and far too much money on mallets that I didn't end up liking, but the BlueHaus mallet designer allows me to create mallets to my own specifications and preferences. Every player has a unique voice and sound on the instrument. This innovation eliminates much of the guesswork so you can play focus on the music!


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