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Exclusively from BlueHaus, the Mallet Wrapping Machine is an essential tool for school districts, percussion studios, and performing organizations. Not only can you extend the performance life of the mallets you’ve already invested in, the BlueHaus Machine opens up a world of possibilities in personal customization, tonal exploration, and percussion education. A single BlueHaus Machine can serve hundreds of students, performers, and educators.

Combining copper, steel, hardwood, and custom designed parts, this beautifully handcrafted machine draws from the tradition of hand wrapping keyboard percussion mallets while eliminating the tedium, frustration, and inconsistency that can accompany the experience.

Available in five colors: Natural Maple, Signal Red, Machine Gray (shown), Sunflower Yellow, and Natural Cherry (Fall 2022). Choice of handle styles: Classic (shown), Bicycle, and Ball.


• Easy Hand Operation
• Adjustable Yarn Tensioner
• Spindle Height Control
• Digital Wrap Counter

Making professional quality mallets at home, in the studio, the classroom, or on the road has never been easier! The BlueHaus Machine is empowering as an education tool for students and educators, liberating for organization budgets, and essential for performers seeking to explore and refine their sound. Using the included set of handle collets, the auto-rotating spindle can accommodate a wide range of handle sizes and types from the elementary music classroom to the performing professional.

Wrapping Kit:

• Threading Tool
• Height Gauge
• Needle Set
• Collet Set

Machine Dimensions: 25.5cm x 34.5cm x 31.5cm
Machine Weight: 5.5kg

The BlueHaus Machine is designed to work on any flat surface where you have access to an edge. Some choose to keep their Machine in a dedicated location in their home or studio with no plan to travel or store it, but you can can purchase a case for your Machine that also functions as a work platform. The Basic Case is great for easy transportation and storage of your Machine. The Deluxe Case includes a tie-off fixture and work surfaces to hold your mallet and tools while you perform the finishing touches to your design. All Cases includes a small storage cubby for your Wrapping Kit.

Case Dimensions: 27.5cm x 40.5cm x 34cm
Deluxe Case & Machine Weight: 8.5kg


Due to high demand, you may want to contact Brad at BlueHaus for inquiries and availability.

Available only in USA

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