Chase Jackson

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Review Chase's signature mallet build and hear it on marimba and vibraphone. You can click on the gears to adjust and make your own.

Head Shape Mushroom
Head Weight Heavier
Head Hardness Hard
Articulation Clear
Handle Material E-Rattan 10mm
Handle Length 40cm
Yarn Wrap Hemp / Foggy

I love playing BlueHaus mallets because of their innovative technology, design, durability, and sound. Every pair consistently makes my instrument sound good and I feel comfortable with them in any musical situation. I've spent years and far too much money on mallets that I didn't end up liking, but the BlueHaus mallet designer allows me to create mallets to my own specifications and preferences. Every player has a unique voice and sound on the instrument. This innovation eliminates much of the guesswork so you can play focus on the music!

Lay Of The Land is inspired by the distinct perspectives from which we see the world. The position from which we see people, events and places is dictated by our unique relationship to those things. The sum of our personal and collective experiences builds the structure that both shapes and limits our understanding. Through exploring dramatic large ensemble compositions featuring horns, strings, and full rhythm section contrasting with intimate solo etudes, Lay Of The Land: Part I explores both our intimate and collective realities.

10 Tracks
Run Time 37:54

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