Dan McCarthy

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Review Dan's signature mallet build and hear it on marimba and vibraphone. You can click on the gears to adjust and make your own.

Head Shape Ball
Head Weight Lighter
Head Hardness Medium Hard
Articulation Clear
Handle Material E-Rattan 10mm
Handle Length 37cm
Yarn Wrap Hemp / Sapphire

Having worked with other mallet companies in the past, what really impresses me about Bluehaus is their commitment to musicians, from creating the perfect mallet to investing in individual artists. Before BlueHaus, I never found a set of mallets that really reflected my personal style and taste. Brad and his team are always willing to work with me on a personal level to make my music sound even better.

“Elevated by the pillars of mystique and mournfulness, this statement proves beautifully gripping.” – All About Jazz

For his first album on Origin, veteran New York vibraphonist Dan McCarthy gathers with some of the most creative and interesting improvisors in jazz – violinist Mark Feldman, bassist Steve Swallow and guitarist Ben Monder. Crafting an elegant program of impressionistic originals, McCarthy uses them to highlight the unique color and texture of the instrumentation, along with these master performer’s eloquent use of mood, subtlety, timbre and patience. Sharing sonic territory with classic albums by Eberhard Weber, or several of John Abercrombie’s ECM recordings, McCarthy’s new offering engages with disarming beauty.

“An extraordinary musical ability and a boundless imagination” – Gary Burton.

6 Tracks
Run Time 33:21

Digital Download



A Dream, Awake / Fugitive Epoch

Softly She Sings Her Song / Desert Entrance

Strange Medicine on the Desert / A Dream, Asleep

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