Eduardo Cardinho

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Review Eduardo's signature mallet build and hear it on marimba and vibraphone. You can click on the gears to adjust and make your own.

Head Shape Wheel
Head Weight Heavier
Head Hardness Hard
Articulation Clear
Handle Material Natural Rattan 10mm
Handle Length 40cm
Yarn Wrap Hemp / Sprout

BlueHaus brings a fresh, unique, and innovative approach to mallet design and construction. I always dreamed of having a custom signature mallet, and Brad gave me the opportunity to create one with the balance, tone, weight, feel, and articulation that works best for me. It's an honor to work with such an amazing team, and with BlueHaus I finally have the sound I always imagined.

The music on In Search of Light was written during Eduardo’s “beautiful and creative journey” in Amsterdam and was the source of his inspiration.

Vibraphone – Eduardo Cardinho

Accordion, MIDI Controller – João Barradas
Alto Saxophone – Ben Van Gelder
Drums – Bruno Pedroso
Electronics – Igor Silva

Viola – Joana Nunes
Violin – Ana Ribeiro, Miguel Simões
Cello – Fernando Costa
Double Bass – André Rosinha

8 Tracks
Run Time 52:45

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In Search Of Light

Away From Home

Release Your Anger

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