Ralph Wyld

Signature MalletArtist

Review Ralph's signature mallet build. Sold in Pairs - Shown as '2' in the Cart.

Core Shape Wheel
Core Weight Lighter
Core Hardness Medium Hard
Tone Brighter
Handle Material Natural Rattan 10mm
Handle Length 38cm
Yarn Wrap Fine Yarn / Forest

I was delighted to find BlueHaus, as the team have as much enthusiasm and dedication to creating the perfect mallet for every artist, as the artists themselves have for creating and performing music. When talking with Brad, it was clear that we shared a passion for bringing the best sound out of the vibraphone, and his innovative approach and flexibility makes this a reality. The ability to customise every aspect is second to none and has allowed me to get the exact sound I’m looking for. BlueHaus are constantly striving to find ways improve their mallets, such as introducing advanced materials, and it’s exciting to be involved with a company that is bringing innovations to the market.


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