Designed and built with BlueHaus style and attention to detail, our Amaranth (Prupleheart) Snare Drum has a vibrant tone, amazing resonance, and punchy response. With a strong mid range and contained highs, this drum just keeps giving!

The stave shell is carefully crafted from a single board to preserve the wood grain, resulting in beautiful chatoyancy and acoustic properties. Features mahogany bearing edges and 10″ precision cut 3/32″ snare beds.

Comes equipped with gold hardware, die-cast hoops, Trick Percussion throw-off, Remo coated Ambassador Batter Head, Remo Diplomat Snare Head, and Puresound Blasters Series 20 Strand Snare Wires.

6″ x 14″ Amaranth Shell
13/32″ Shell Thickness
Long Grain Stave Construction
Dual Point Tube Lugs
Hand Applied Finish


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