Apply rubber bands to your mallet cores with the Core Banding Fixture exclusively from BlueHaus. This device uses basic mechanics to open up bands with ease which saves wear and tear on your precious fingers. With a Banding Fixture, you can use significantly smaller diameter bands and create multiple band combinations giving you more granularity in your core treatment.

The fixture allows for quick iteration as you fine tune your sound and has tremendous benefits for percussion education. The Core Banding Fixture from BlueHaus can be used for all the standard mallet cores from every percussion mallet maker in the industry in addition to your own creations. Accommodates core diameters up to ~3.8cm (1.5in).


1) With the Spreading Plate in the lower position, place the band around the top of the six steel rods.
2) Using both hands, raise the Spreading Plate to open up the rods and stretch the band.
3) Position your mallet core inside the opened band.
4) Lower the Spreading Plate and carefully remove your mallet core with the band intact.

See how it’s done here.

No lubrication is required. I have diligently worked to eliminate as many chemicals from the BlueHaus Mallet Shop as I possibly can. In the instance of applying rubber bands to cores, a very simple solution to overcoming friction is using corn starch as a lubricant. It mostly dissipates after use, but enough remains to apply some fine adjusting. If a band application fails, I suggest reapplying corn starch. I keep a small container on a work table and drop band in, shake it up a bit, tap off the excess, and go for application. In the demonstration video, you can see tiny puffs of corn starch as the band is applied and the mallet is removed. When removing the banded core, take care to tuck your finger tips under the banded core so everything comes out together.

Solid Oak Base
Stainless Steel Rods
Hickory Spreading Plate
Safety Cap

NOTE: Because of the lifting forces involved, holding the Banding Fixture down with clamps to a table or bench top is essential. The Fixture can be screwed or bolted down for a more permanent installation. Due to natural variations in wood color, tone, and availability, your Fixture may look different than the display model.

Designed and built exclusively by BlueHaus Mallet Shop.

26cm x 13cm x 30cm