Mallet Maker Kits include everything that you need to make a set of four mallets, but also enough supplies to make multiple mallets using the same handles and cores!

Choose from Birch, Maple, Natural Rattan, E-Rattan, or Balanced Birch handles. Standard length is 42cm on hardwood handles and 40cm on rattan handles.

All core types are available: Large Disc, “Square” Wheel, Round Wheel, Simple Mushroom, Classic Mushroom, BlueHaus Mushroom, Large Ball, Barrel, and Small Ball. Three Core Hardness options – Medium, Medium Hard, and Hard. Core hardness can be tempered by using core treatment, yarn choice, and wrap tension.

For guidance on which core and yarn types are easier or more difficult to wrap, here is an Ease of Wrapping chart.

Kit includes:
Your choice of Handle Material
Your choice of Core Shape
4 different sets of Core Bands
Felt Strips
3 Yarn Weights (Fine, Medium Fine, and Wool Blend)
Basic supplies required for assembly and sewing are not included e.g. glue, scissors, sewing needles, etc.