BlueHaus Mallet Shop provides mallet rewrapping service!

With what BlueHaus feels is an essential service for players at all levels, we are happy to offer rewrapping for all BlueHaus mallets at a nominal price. This program is evolving into a comprehensive offering for mallets from other makers and during this introductory period, BlueHaus will be taking input on service features, price points, liability, and other details. Ultimately, the objective will be to rewrap mallets from a wide range of makers.

Upon ordering Mallet Re-wrapping Service, Brad at BlueHaus will contact you within one business day to verify the details of your request and provide guidance on shipping your mallets to the BlueHaus Mallet Shop. If a Video Consultation is part of your purchase, Brad at BlueHaus will arrange a meeting at a mutually agreeable time. Consultations are limited to 30 minutes.

Basic Terms:
• U.S. sales only.
• Re-wraps include replacing core treatments like bands and felt (additional cost to base price)
• Handle repair conducted at the discretion of the customer (additional cost to base price)
• One should remove handle tape, but keep the wrapped cores intact regardless of condition. This allows thorough examination of wear and tear.
• BlueHaus is not responsible for lost or destroyed items shipped to the Shop.
• BlueHaus cannot guarantee an exact match to the original mallet specifications, but will strive to get as close as possible.
• Mallets will be re-wrapped with contemporary BlueHaus materials, style, and design language.
• BlueHaus cannot replace mallets lost or destroyed in return shipping.

BlueHaus yarn and color descriptions can be found in Step 7 of the Custom Mallet Builder. Terms will become more refined as the program develops. Share your ideas on rewrapping by contacting Brad at BlueHaus. Your voice will help make the shop even better.