Designed and built with BlueHaus style and attention to detail , our Padauk Piccolo Snare Drum (Padaukolo) has a clear tone, crisp resonance, and immediate response. Padauk is often used in marimba key construction and BlueHaus brings these singing wood qualities to the drum world.

The stave shell is carefully crafted from a single board to preserve the long continuous wood grain, resulting in beautiful chatoyancy and acoustic properties. With mahogany bearing edges and 8″ precision cut 3/32″ snare beds, this drum really pops! Excellent second snare for drum kit in the recording or lesson studio.

Comes standard with chrome hardware, Pearl Fat Tone Hoops, Pearl Piccolo Throw Off and Butt Plate, Evans HD Dry Batter Head, Evans 300 Snare Head, and Puresound Twisted Series 20 Double Strand Snare Wires.

3 1/2″ x 13″ Padauk Shell
13/32″ Shell Thickness
Long Grain Stave Construction
Dual Point Tube Lugs
Hand Finished


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