The Tie Off Fixture functions like an extra set of hands that hold your mallet while you perform the tie off step, and it is particularly useful when stitching mallets wrapped with higher tension. Using the Fixture helps make the tie off step much safer.

The mallet is secured in the gripping jaws with a few turns of the tightening knob. The entire platform rotates 360 degrees so you can always keep your work right in front of you. It can easily be clamped to a countertop, desk, or work bench and does not require permanent installation for stability.

Built from custom aluminum, steel, and hardwood parts, the Tie Off Fixture feels solid, sturdy, and reliable. Accommodates up to ~4 cm diameter wrapped mallet heads. Includes a magnet in the tightening knob to hold your sewing needle!

Designed and built exclusively by BlueHaus Mallet Shop.

NOTE: Due to natural variations in wood color, tone, and availability, your Fixture may look different than the display model. Clamps not included.

26cm x 14cm x 50cm