E-Rattan by BlueHaus

E-Rattan is a proprietary mallet handle designed by the builders at BlueHaus and is only available directly from the BlueHaus Mallet Shop. Our goal in developing this handle was to keep the flexibility of natural rattan while addressing the warping and inconsistency issues that inevitably occur.

Where natural rattan largely has its strength and rigidity in the exterior bark, the strength of E-Rattan lies in the carbon fiber core. The key benefit of the carbon core is consistent flexibility and handles that remain arrow straight. They’ll feel the same on day 729 as they do on day 1.

E-Rattan stores and transfers with speed similar to hardwood handles, but with the flexible feel of natural rattan that players expect. It is my hope that this handle design allows you to tap into unexplored elements of your technique and elevate your keyboard percussion performance to new heights!

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