Getting a Handle on Handle Length

How are handles measured in the BlueHaus Mallet Shop?

Handle length and mallet length are different because of the yarn wrap variable. And that’s on top of the core shape variations in combination with how yarns of different sizes behave when wrapped. The build up of yarn over the top and bottom of the core is not a good gauge and also varies from maker to maker. To simplify this, consider the handle length running through to the very top of the mallet core. That’s it!

When comparing BlueHaus handle lengths to the mallets in your stick bag, imagine where the top of the core is on the inside of the wrap. On many mallets you can feel where it is through the yarn. Another clue is how the mallet is tied off, as makers rarely, if ever, tie off the mallet over the core itself, even if the tie off is purely decorative.

Where the bottom of the mallet core follows the same basic guidelines, but you should NEVER measure the handle from the underside of the yarn wrap!

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