Satisfy your mallet maker side! Enjoy BlueHaus quality and consistency in core sets to modify and wrap as you see fit to meet your performance needs. As with all of keyboard mallets the BlueHaus makes, the mallet heads are cast directly onto the handle for an incredibly reliable and cohesive feeling set.

This is NOT B stock. All the materials in these core sets are from the same highly curated handle stock that BlueHaus is known for. Handles are matched for weight, flex, dimension, and color. A core set is perfect for players looking to jump start their mallet making ideas using superior materials and build quality.

Choose from Birch, Maple, or Natural Rattan handles. Mushroom, Wheel, or Ball cores. Available in three core hardnesses – Medium, Med. Hard, or Hard.

Handle Lengths:
• Birch & Maple – 42cm
• Natural Rattan – 40cm

Sold in sets of 4