Fulfill your maker spirit! Enjoy BlueHaus quality and consistency with core sets to modify and wrap as you see fit to meet your performance needs. Perfect for players looking to jump start their mallet making ideas using superior materials and build quality.

This is NOT B stock. All the handles are selected from the same highly curated stock that BlueHaus is known for. Handles are matched for weight, flex, dimension, and color. And, as with all the keyboard mallets that BlueHaus makes, the mallet cores are cast directly onto the handle for an incredibly reliable and cohesive feeling set.

Core Options
Medium / Medium Hard / Hard

Small Ball – The small ball has a flat top for easier wrapping. 29mm x 24mm

Classic Mushroom – The classic mushroom core has a distinct profile with a clear bearing edge and slightly flattened top. 30mm x 23mm

Large Ball – The large ball has a flat top for easier wrapping. 32mm x 27mm

“Square” Wheel – The square wheel has a rounded top edge and a square bottom edge for more articulation options. 32mm x 18mm

BlueHaus Mushroom – The BlueHaus mushroom core has a lightly eased bearing edge with additional mass near the handle and a flattened top for easier wrapping. 32mm x 21mm

Round Wheel – The round wheel has rounded top and bottom edges. Classic core shape at the heart of many mallets. 33mm x 22mm

Large Disc – The large disc core is used in many of today’s larger vibraphone mallets and has sharp top and bottom bearing edges. 38mm x 16mm

Handle Options

Choose from Solid Birch, Solid Maple, Natural Rattan, E-Rattan, and Balanced Birch handles in 8mm, 8.5mm, 9mm, 9.5mm and 10mm diameters. Note that Natural Rattan Handles are only available in 8mm, 9mm, and 10mm diameters. The default length for wood handles is 42cm, and 40cm for rattan. Length can be shortened by up to 5cm at no additional cost. Maple is slightly stiffer and heavier than birch. Larger diameter natural rattan is less flexible than smaller diameter rattan. Balanced Birch handles have consistent flex regardless of orientation with larger diameter handles are stiffer than small diameter handles.

Need to apply bands to your cores? Check out the Core Banding Fixture!

Sold in Sets of 4