The Wrapping Materials Kit contains yarn, felt, and bands for your mallet making adventures!

Generally speaking, a mallet requires between 6-8 yards of yarn to wrap. Desired coverage and wrap tension impact material usage. The yarn included with this kit has enough material for ~300 pairs of mallets, so you’ll have plenty to learn, experiment, and create with! You can compare the yarn weights in the Kit to those listed in the Mallet Core and Ease of Wrapping Chart to get an idea of how they fall in the spectrum. With yarn, weight refers to size. Tone and articulation can be altered using core treatment like bands and felt, and specific yarn factors like weight (referring to size) and wrap tension.

Kit includes:
1000 yards of Super Fine Yarn – Mercerized Cotton – Burgundy (Weight 1)
Great for vibe mallets.

2100 yards of Fine Yarn – Mercerized Cotton – Blue (Weight 2)
All around general yarn. Good for softer vibe or more articulate marimba mallets.

600 yards of Light – 60/40 Synthetic/Wool – Twilight (Weight 3)
Great for all marimba mallets.

600 yards of Medium – 75/25 Synthetic/Wool – Gray (Weight 4)
Great for softer marimba mallets.

1 roll of self-adhesive 1mm thick felt
1 roll of self-adhesive 3mm thick felt

Black Tie Off Yarn
White Tie Off Yarn

Big Band of Bands (Height x Width x Wall Thickness)
28mm x 22mm x 3mm – Black (24 Count)
28mm x 22mm x 1.5mm – Black (32 Count)
25mm x 22mm x 1.5mm – Amber (32 Count)
25mm x 16mm x 1.5mm – Amber (24 Count)
22mm x 25mm x 3mm – White Silicone (12 Count)
25mm x 19mm x 5mm – White Silicone (8 Count)
That’s 132 bands in total!

Core Bands are used to temper the hardness of the core, affect tone, add weight, and change the articulation profile of your mallet. Depending on your core hardness and desired result, bands can be used singularly or in combination. Use a Core Banding Fixture to more easily apply them.

The Wrapping Materials Kit comes standard with the purchase of a Mallet Wrapping Suite