The mallet wrapping community asked for replacement bands and BlueHaus is delivering! Ala carte to your heart’s desire or contact Brad at BlueHaus with specific requests. The educational opportunities abound as students learn how to affect the sound of their mallets, adding valuable knowledge and skill to their repertoire.

Here are a few tips that might be helpful. The more a band is stretched, the stiffer it becomes and the closer it gets to the underlying core hardness. More or less stretch also changes the dynamics of how the band distributes impact energy. Softer bands cushion more than harder bands, but this is also a function of stretch.

Bands are often used in combination with other materials like felt, moleskin, and additional bands. Bands that are too loose may likely contribute a ‘tic’ sound to the articulation of the mallet, even when tightly wrapped. How well a band fits around the core shape will impact the wrap profile.

Ultimately, sound and feel should serve as your guide and the total effect of banding is best assessed when the mallet is wrapped.

Stock dimensions are listed in the order of Height, Width, Wall Thickness, and Hardness (Shore A)

Current Options
30mm x 28mm x 1.5mm 70A (Synthetic Latex)
22mm x 28mm x 1.5mm 70A (Synthetic Latex)
30mm x 25mm x 1.8mm 40A (Synthetic Latex)
22mm x 25mm x 1.8mm 40A (Synthetic Latex)
25mm x 16mm x 1.2mm 40A (Synthetic Latex)
25mm x 22mm x 3.0mm 35A (Silicone)
25mm x 16mm x 1.8mm 35A (Silicone)

NOTE: I try to avoid natural latex if possible because of the allergy and harvesting issues associated with 100% all natural latex rubber, but I may be able to fulfill basic needs.

Sold in Packages of 4. Quantity discounts apply.

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